Computers cannot replace teachers in the classroom

Computers cannot replace teachers in the classroom

Nowadays in our society, many people use computers for many uses, and some use it to learn. Some teachers already started to use technology to teach. But some still refuse to use it in the classroom. Why could not the computers replace teachers in the classroom ? The answer is simple: learning everything from a computer is not as efficient as a professor’s teaching, but we can use it as a bonus. Moreover, the computers excessive use may have bad consequences, especially on children. Finally, the use of computer also creates serious economic problems such as unemployment.

First of all, even if computers cannot replace teachers, it can be really helpful when it comes to complete some knowledge learned in class. Indeed, any student would gladly use any help or any way to improve the way he or she undertands a specific lesson. There has already been some people who chose to use computers to get some help for their study. For instance, the Khan Academy offers more than four thousands and five hundred free lessons on youtube. The whole point is not to be in competition with school, but to strengthen the teaching. Using computers and the internet to reinforce our understanding is a clever idea, but it cannot replace the real teaching and the real teacher we can interact with. Moreover, the main reason why computers cannot replace teachers is that it has not the ability to adapt to the difficulties or the partcular issues some students may have. The teacher can take into account those kind of complexities, but a computer can’t. That is why computers can be used in order to improve our skills, but not to start from scratch, and on a computer, it is not possible to get everything you can have from a real person’s teaching. Even if computers can help adults or teenagers, it is even less efficient with children.

Second, computers cannot replace teachers in a classroom, especially with young children. Indeed, children are not self sufficient enough when it comes to work at school. They need to be supervised, they need someone to lead. Children can’t be left alone on front of a screen. According to the academy of science in France, the use of computers and all types of screens are harmfull for the youngest. Computers can even cause real diseases on
children who are exposed too often to the computer screen. In 1984 in Sweden, two professors, mister Johansson and mister Aronsson proved that when a person, especially a child, stays in front of a screen for more than four hours, the body retains all the adrenaline and then releases it all later at the same time. This phenomenon is what creates stress and anxiaty. Thus, if computers would replace teachers in the classroom, there would be some serious consequences on the people affected, and even more harmfull on children. The health and the well being of children is not the only reason why computers cannot replace teachers. It would also have some bad consequences on the domestic economy.

Third, If each teacher is replaced by a computer the economical consequences would be really bad. With the current enonomic crisis, and the actual rate of unemployment, we can’t be sure that computers replacing teachers in classromms is the right solution. There will be unemployment and computers will be more expenssive than a teacher. By using computers to educate students, many teachers will find themselves without work. This will create an even more serious economic crisis affecting the people. In addition, by calculating the cost of purchases of computers for each student, the state would increase the debt of the country. Thus, in order to increase the performance of this technology, new tools should be invented or other improvement should be found, things that would require more economically efforts. Economicly speaking, computerscannot replace teachers without creating bad result four our domestic economy.

To conclude, we can say that computers will never replace teachers. The quality of work of a human being is not replaceable by the quality of a computer, but it surely can be used as a bonus. Also, the consequences on our health, especially on children’s, are bad and diminish the quality of education given to the students. Plus, Consequences on our economy would increase the crisis wich is already affects occidental countries. Nevertheless, in a world now completely associated with technology and computers, could we really do without computers at all ?

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