Compare rome and han china at their heights

The Greeks and the Americans have a lot in common, such as their architecture, living style, and democracy. But the main aspects I will talk about are death and burial, victory and conquest, Gods, goddesses, and heroes, Animals real and imagined, Greek democracy, Architecture, Living style, American cities/Greek names, Epics and actors. All These aspects are divided into nine portions. The portion with the most similarities is death and burial. In the time of the ancient Greeks death came at a young age, men died in war/battle, and mothers died giving birth.

Till now young men die at young ages, men die at war, and mother still die while giving birth. The second aspect is victory and conquests. Victory and conquests also has a lot of similarities to the Americans. Victory was the goal; training/conditioning was the most important preparation for war. Similarly today victory is the main goal for the Americans and training/conditioning is still the most important preparation for war. The third aspect is Gods, goddesses, and heroes. People in Greece believed in multiple gods and goddesses.

Some people in America are still polytheistic and believe in the Greek gods today. Some of the Greek heroes were Hercules, Achilles, Theseus and many more. Just like the Greeks Americans today also had heroes such as George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther king. The forth most similar aspect is the Greek democracy. Athens (a city in Greece) had the first world known democracy called direct democracy. Direct democracy is simply known as “rule by people”. Direct democracy gave all citizens freedom and equality.

The citizens of Athens could also vote. Similarly to the Athens, Americans today have a different type of democracy in which we vote for people to lead us. The fifth most similar aspect is the Greek architecture. In fact the Greeks invented three architectural designs that American still use today. The ancient Greek worked, lived and worshiped their gods in these architectural buildings. The sixth most similar aspect is the living style. Both men and women enjoyed luxury and about the same status as one another.

Similarly the American men and women today enjoy luxury and are about the status. The next most similar aspect is the American cities/Greek names. The city names that the ancient Greeks used are still used in America. For example: Athens was the name of a major city in Greece but is also the names of a lot of cities in America. Just like Athens, there are a lot of other city names that the ancient Greeks used that we still use today. The next similar aspect is the Epics and actors. The ancient Greeks were the ones that created outdoor theaters were they would perform plays.

Similarly The Americans today also have outdoor theaters were they perform plays. The last similar aspect was the Animals real and imagined. The ancient Greeks appreciated the strength the speed and the beauty of their animals just like we do today. The Greeks sometimes combined several features from other animals to make their own imaginary animal. Similarly movies/TV shows today combine different animal features to make fairy tales. Although the Greeks and American might have some differences they also share some of the same qualities as one another.

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