Colonial life 2

Colonial life was rough; Lord or Lady, slave or servant, there was work to be done. Work changed with the change of the seasons, however there was never a lack of work that needed doing. Butchering livestock, cleaning, cooking, and tending crops were all vital to the community. Middling planters could make a successful life and place in society. To attain that said success they must possess integrity and a sophisticated appreciation of market behavior. With such massive amounts of work being done, the colonial hygiene lacked thereof. The extent of cleansing were the washing of faces and hands.

Not until the ass’s had the crude colonial cabins been replaced with proper houses; the wealthier homes furnished bedrooms with bathing essentials Household servants drew the water, transported, and heated it for their Masters’, thus repeating the cycle of work needing completion. Along with the replacement of crude cabins, the ass’s also brought on the European military leaders to establish ethical rules to abide by in the newly developing civilized warfare. Disney has taught me much of what I know of colonial life from movies such as Pocahontas. My views of colonial life were stereotypical; the women did housework he men work the industry.

Colonial hygiene had not by any meaner crossed my mind. History educators have yet gone into depth on the topic of colonial life on my behalf. I am positive the colonies were a rather horrid smelling region. However given the chance I would not blink an eye if I could be transported back in time to the era. I perceived the colonies as puritanical people, all working for the greater good. My views have changed and will only continue to as I develop a more profound understanding of colonial life. Articles read: Work, Work, and More Work, Coping With Cold, To Bathe or Not to Bathe, Colonial Germ Warfare

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