Church management system

In African continent where most developing countries can be found like Ghana always see database to be important and necessary in only business organization forgetting that church administration also need it most valuable information to be properly stored in a safe place. We realized that most Christian communities (churches) in such countries lack the proper keeping of records of her members and other day-to-day activities due to the old ways of using flat file system and book keeping.

We saw that the old ways of book keeping and the flat file system brought about a lot of disadvantages such as inaccuracy of data, errors and omissions of important data during recording and other problems. A Church Management System is an all-in-one system for managing communications, finance, events, reports, small groups, human resources, children check-in’s and more – all accessible via any computer. In achieving our result, the project team intends to visit the project site to interview the head of the church (i. e. Administrator) to gather required information and to observe the current system base on it functionalities.

Hence forth, there is a need that churches in Africa for that matter Ghana has to make use of database as a way of keeping records and managing their member daily activities. 2. 0 BACKGROUND Our proposal is to design and implement an Integrated Church Management System for St. Dominic Catholic Church in Koforidua New Juaben Municipal Assembly which will help synchronize all management processes including attendance records, church activities records, financial records, membership personal data, birthday reminder and many more.

The need for a customized Integrated Church Management System for the Church cannot be over emphasized because the system will be tailored in solving the church’s unique needs. The system will be delivering a single database that will contain all data for the different modules which will be designed. The major unit that would be design in addition to the unit already developed in the existing system are via: • Groups and Department unit (Manage Groups, Manage Departments Activities, etc. ) • Financial sector (Manage Donations, Search Cash Expenses, Manage Offering Types, etc. • Third Party/Communication unit (Birthday Alert, E-mail, etc. ) • Church projects. • Birth management unit 3. 0 PROBLEM STATEMENT The existing system so limited to managing the affairs of the members’ details only like their attendance, records on members who are dead, records on new converts and members’ financial contributions. The issue or problem at hand is the existing system • Does not have detail records of revenue at bank and the expenses that are made. • Have difficulties in identifying whether a member belong to particular group or department in the church. Does not birth or natal records on newly born babies in the church. • Does not detailed records on church projects that are implemented. 4. 0 OBJECTIVES We came to a realization that the congregation members of St Dominic Catholic Church are the most valuable assets and henceforth our proposed system will be able to provide them with that personal and intimate care required for deep commitment and loyalty on the part of the parishioners. At the end of the project, the system should be able to: • Provide easy access to all Information about every Individual like natal records etc. Keep track of Church performance analysis and Reporting • Solve all Record Keeping Issues • Manage All Financial Records • Create effective birthday alerts for members and Children. 5. 0 JUSTIFICATION The System will help maintain an inventory of the church incomes and expenditures so that corruption and misuse of church money can be monitored. Based on the natal or birth records that the system will provide, the nation as well as the church can check and control birth rate in the country.

Each member birthday will be alerted in the system without going a whole lot asking of their birthday during congregation. It will sound like a surprise when a gift is presented to a member celebrating his /her birthday. 6. 0 SCOPE The activities that we will undergo in order to achieve our objectives include; • Meeting with the St Dominic church Administrator. • Visit and assess the system(s) on ground • Implementation of Church Management Software and testing • Training of the users on how to use the application • Post implementation support. 7. 0 METHODOLOGY

According to our proposed objective listed above, the research team intend to the waterfall model as our method or process of developing our system. Based on the waterfall we intend to visit and interact with the users of the current system to gather information and make analysis based on their feedback

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