Childhood is the best time of life

Everyone has own childhood. Every adult was a child. Children are pure, they like white papers. They only need their needs directly, eating, sleeping and playing. Therefore, childhood is the best time of life. Firstly, children were taken care by their parents. Parents provide substances, such as accommodation, food and knowledge. Moreover, they give their children relations, love, family and etc. Children can gain many things. They do not worry about their life. However, adult has many responsibilities.

They have to take care of their careers, family, finance and etc. They cannot only consider themselves again. Everything, even other people’s things, should done by themselves. Thus, children is the best time of life. Secondly, people have more true friends in their childhood. Most of children are pure. They are not shrewd and deep. Children only want some friends to play with them. They do not think more about the complex relationship. However, there are too many competitions in adulthood. Adult always need to guess and assess others.

They do not believe people easily. Their true friends would be disappeared gradually. Then, they only have the friends who have benefits with them. Consequently, children is the best time of life. Someone said that childhood is the worst time of life, because children have to go to school and do homework in their time. They do not have freedom, because they are controlled by their parents. Nevertheless, it believe that studying must be easier than working. Although working can gain money, adult bears more pressure than children.

If adult do not work hard, they will be fired. But, children do not have this situation. Actually, adult still do not have freedom. Their controllers are not their parents, change to their works, their partners, social rule, others’ feelings…… Therefore, childhood is the best time of life. In conclusion, the best time of your life is your childhood. You were taken care by your parents. You only had to study, you did not relate to the complex adult world. You had many true friends. It is very happy. You should remember your childhood.

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