Childhood best time life

Childhood is the best time of my life. Freedom is one of the major aspects of childhood and adulthood, but which is better? When you were a child you could frolic around minding your own business, but when you’re an adult you have boundries. Responsibility, childhood has many responsibilities, cleaning your room making your bed all takes time and energy, adulthood has many responsibilities and they very much sound harder than childhood, like paying bills etc.

aving Rights; obviously adults have more rights than children, but do children really need those rights? When you are child your freedom is limited.Most of your freedom depends mostly on your parents’ mood at that time, until you turn 18 you ‘belong’ to your parents. Some examples of the limited freedom we face in childhood is the curfew, where ‘you have to be home at 9:00pm’ and my personal favourite; ‘no TV until you’ve cleaned your room! ‘, both being harsh and limiting our freedom instead of doing what we like.Adults on the other hand, who are over the age of 18, legally can do what their parents can do, no more curfew no more allowance, but you have to earn your own money and work to get your self to a point in life where you are in control of your self, this including cleaning or leaving your room as it is.

Even though adults have more freedom, I believe childhood has the best freedom (of choice) for our age group. Responsibilities, childhood has many responsibilities, some we like, some we have to do and some we despise. Responsibilities some of us enjoy doing is homework.We get a sense of pleasure after finishing a piece of work that we have done to the best of our ability.

Cleaning our rooms is a responsibility we must do both for hygienic and ,if I don’t I will get punished, reasons. A responsibility we despise doing is anything that clashes with our free/play time. These are just some of the things in childhood that we are responsible for. I’m not an adult and I don’t really know what responsibilities they are responsible for.

I know that they must pay their bills, earn their own money and support his/her family (if they have a family).To me adulthood responsibilities sound hard so my vote on this one goes to childhood. Adults have more rights than children, eg. They have the right to buy a house; they have the right to drive without any supervision by an adult.

In other words adults have the same rights as children but much more. Adulthood has rights that id like to have as well. In conclusion, with all the information I have researched and thought about. From freedom to who has more rights.

I have to say, childhood will be the best time of my life.

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