Child labor debate

Hello I am pro Child labor. Child labor should be legalized because When children start working they learn to be independent on an young age and it teaches the kids responsibility. Those skills are very useful when the children will become adults. Another reason why child labor should be legalized is that when children work they will stay out of trouble. In the most third world countries it is very dangerous on the streets and the children will be tempted to deal in drugs or other stuff to earn their money, when they are working they are in an safe environment without all those temptations.

The employer is also benefiting from child labour because children are much cheaper than adults so fabric owners make more profit on their products ,children complain less and they use a smaller amount of space so more people fit in the same amount of working space. Oke Maxime imagine you are 9 years old and you live in a slum with your mother because your father left you when you was 4 years old. You’re the oldest of 5 kids and your mother is just earning enough to pay the rent and a little amount of food.

There is absolutely no money for school. Then you hear that there is a small clothes manufacturer in town who allows children to work. With the money you earn you can help your mother with paying the rent and buy food for your brother and sisters. Without this money your family would have difficulties with surviving and they could die. And you want to ban child labor? Child labor should continue because many thousands if not more ,children are starving in Africa and asia because their parents are dead or disabled.

The children need to work how else will their brothers and sisters get enough food and water. Without work the children won’t survive. The parents of the children don’t earn enough money to pay the school for their kids and even if they are able to pay the school fee it is still not a good solution in poor countries. The school fees are very high and only after graduation the children will earn money but this is after living in poor circumstances for many years.

If you look at the pyramid of maslow you will notice that need need for food is higher in the hierarchy then the need for education. Taking the children away from work does not save them at all, in fact you will reach the complete opposite. Because you throw the children back to their misery by eliminating the one thing that is helping them in live. A child who is recruited or employed in a business at a young age, learns how it all works inside a business and gains organizational skills. It helps the child to become an entrepreneur when he or she becomes and adult . fter gaining experience they can start their own businesses, therefore by employing children they actually make future entrepreneurs. Child labor is much cheaper than what the employers are paying to the adult employees and so they save an large amount of money and the products can be sold cheaper. And don’t we all want our shoes as cheap as possible? Closing Child labor should be legalized because when the children quit working they will keep living in poor circumstances which means having not enough food and water. When the children work they can support their family.

Child labor is also learning the kids to be independent and having responsibility for things and with the experience they gain with working they could be future entrepreneurs. If you forbid child labor than this does not result in better living conditions, actually you will reach the complete opposite because the children will go back to complete poverty. There is no chance that there will be enough money to pay for an education. When the children don’t have their work anymore they will be tempted to go on the street and for example deal in drugs to earn their money.

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