Career aspiration for marketing course

Several years ago while taking a Drawing and Design class, a project was assigned to create a functional child’s toy out of ordinary household items, otherwise known as junk. This construction assignment transformed into my personal mission because it demanded a skill set I was not comfortable with. In the end, it was not just the first place ribbon that affirmed my feeling of triumph, but the fact that my perseverance led to the achievement of my personal vision and goal.

My hand-made creation became a symbol of what I was capable of. I will pursue my career goals with the same determination and tenacity I have demonstrated.My ultimate career aspiration is to become a successful engineer in a global company playing a leadership role in front of my friends,bosses and big boss . I am not Upon completion of my mechatronics engineering degree, I hope to immediately join a firm where I can apply my graduate education and physics orientated knowledge in the high technology industry.

I expect to become a contributor to involve in any big assignment,project and proposal dratfing . First, I wish to perform friendly and tolerance strategy and then eventually gain greater participation. At the same time I will have advanced my competence in several facets of marketing.In five years, I anticipate a managerial position asserting a greater role in not only my individual responsibilities and output, but a team’s motivation and productivity as well.

I foresee myself wearing the different hats of my past managers, encompassing what I found to be their positive traits with my own personality. I await that challenge. Realistically, one must expect obstacles on their path to success. An aspect of my personality that could potentially inhibit me is impatience.

Impatience strikes many of us at any given moment then quickly subsides. Mine is derived from unrealistic expectations.Whether the unrealistic expectation is of family, the workplace or life in general, it occasionally leads to disappointment or irrational decisions. As an example of such an expectation, I instantly remember my customer relationship management (CRM) project I managed when I worked for the retail organization at Xerox.

The CRM concept was new and brilliant. The psycho-graphic, demographic and behavioral enriched customer data we were receiving was revolutionary to the organization. I was elated. For the first time we had detailed data on who our end users were and their purchasing behaviors at certain retail chains.

My job was to communicate nd educate all the specific findings and the CRM concept to the appropriate decision-makers on the marketing staff. I simply expected everything to promptly change. Disappointment overcame my enthusiasm. My “road show” lasted a couple of weeks and I was convinced that this sought after customer information would give our marketing programs another perspective it needed.

Nobody jumped. Nobody even blinked. I later discovered that being a “change agent” within a large organization or anywhere takes time, small steps and even more, patience. Several months after the CRM program was introduced it caught the attention it deserved.

By then, I was awarded a new position in the corporate organization at Xerox. Knowing that impatience is one of my shortfalls, I have to make a conscious and deliberate effort in recognizing it in my behavior. I do not believe it will ever be completely conquered but it can be contained. I need to dissect a larger goal or project into smaller pieces.

With this strategy, my expectations are more grounded and measurable as progress is eventually made. I am convinced this will certainly help neutralize my impatience. In addition, feedback from peers and my increasing experience will greatly improve my efforts.My strategic business marketing experience at Xerox Corporation coupled with my short term goal of consumer marketing experience will build the solid foundation needed to reach my long-term career goal.

The MBA degree from the Robert H. Smith School will ultimately give me the tools I need to succeed. I will maximize my MBA experience by utilizing the cross-functional curriculum, the study abroad opportunity and the corporate/ community network the program has established. With both my perseverance and consistently being aware of the obstacles that lie before me, I hope to fulfill my career aspiration of becoming a true marketing leader.

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