Btec level 3 extended national diploma in business

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BTEC Level 3 Extended National Diploma in Business
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Unit 2 – Business Resources
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Recruiting through the Internet
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1 of 6
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September 23rd 2013
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Chris Greenway

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October 7th 2013

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Assessment Brief/Tasks
Recruiting through the Internet
Scenario (if applicable)
Using a company website, search for a job that matches the skills you will have at the end of your Extended National Diploma course, to a current vacancy. Attach all details relevant to this job. Task 1

Unit number and criteria
Grading criteria covered

Describe the recruitment documentation used in a selected organisation

Describe the main employability , personal and communication skills required when applying for a specific job role

Find an advertised job vacancy, with a job description, that you may be able to do at the end of this course, assuming you have had the relevant work experience. Print these documents. (P1)

1Explain what documents you will have to complete to apply for this job. (P1) Curriculum vitae – One of the first things the employer looks at, has to be been short; but informative, as it determines whether or not you will be selected for an interview. A CV will contain a brief summary of yourself and the qualities that will you bring to the job, your “personal profile” (which is normally the first thing the employer will see on your CV) needs to be adapted each time you apply for a different position, this is so it fits the job that you are applying for and so that the employer knows that you have taken the time to read the job description and make any changes based on the qualities and skills they are looking for, your CV also shows the employer any work experience you may have had, and if it relates to the job, shows the employer if you are qualified for that job as any exam results or academic qualifications should be stated on your CV, Any hobbies and interests should also be stated

Covering letter- A document that you sent along side your CV, it provides information about why you are or believe that you are qualified for that specific job. It will explain why you want to work for that company and why you want to apply for that job; It will identify any relevant skills or experience that you may have that will work in conjunction with that particular job role. Shows your interest in the job and how much you want to be considered for the position.

Job application – Can be processed much quicker than a CV. Asks you a series of questions about why you’re suitable for job. You can specify your availability, your previous experience and go into more depth about yourself than in your CV as the questions that are asked give you the opportunity to do that.

2Describe how
a) the job description and job specification will have helped the organisation in preparing the advert A job description /job specification describes an employee’s role, and what is required in order for you to do the job. It identifies the tasks that you will need to do for the job, the main roles and responsibilities you will have and what kind of environment you will be working in (e.g.) a business environment. It should describe any skills or experience that employer would like you to have before you apply. It should show you the basic salary, the hours that you will be required to work (part time or full time).

The advert for the job should help the organisation attract people to apply for the job, it should be a more condensed version of the job description, it shouldn’t have all the above information on it, but should give a basic understanding of what is involved in the job, usually the job description and specification follows the advert with a more in depth understanding of the job you are applying for.

b) how it helps you when applying for this role

The job description helps you understand the job you are applying for, it should help you to realise if you are suitable for that job, if you have the right skills and experience that the employer is looking for, it will help you adapt you curriculum vitae for the job and help you write your cover letter so that it shows you as the perfect person for that job.(P1)

3From the job description and advert, select the employability and personal/communication skills required for the job. You can set this out in a table as shown below. (P2)

Employability skills
Personal and Communication skills
Computer skills
Personal interaction
Good organisation skills
4 Under your table, write a paragraph describing the employability and personal/communication skills you already possess, or will do by the end of the course. (P2) Computer skills: I am competent on a computer and know how to use one confidently,

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Task 2
Unit number and criteria
Grading criteria covered

Assess the importance of employability and personal skills in the recruitment and retention of staff in a selected organisation

Assess why it is important for this organisation to make sure that a new member of staff has the required skills.

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