A geographical structure can be used for a local business

Geographical Structure A geographical structure can be used for a local business, national, international ND global business, so any type of business that is spread across an area and it outlines where employees are based. Flat Structure A flat structure has few levels of hierarchy which enables the businesses employees to be able to change position easily. This type of structure is helpful in a small business as there are not many employees and makes them feel equal. Functional Structure Functional structures are used in relatively large businesses as most of the employees are assigned to specialized and different tasks than others.

Hierarchical Structure A hierarchical structure is usually used in large business as it goes from employees at the top of the business to the employees at the bottom of it. Bum’s General Information Mission statement- “Belfast Metropolitan College will be a centre of learning excellence, committed to transforming lives and contributing to the economic well-being of Belfast and Northern Ireland” Aim – To provide a high standard of education to the community. Objectives To put the learner at the centre of everything we do. Deliver the highest quality possible in all we do.

Achieve the highest possible impact on the economic and social well-being of individual learners and on Belfast and the region. Benefits By BMW having a mission and objectives this allows them to know their plans in advance and what they have to achieve to compete with other colleges in the region. Employees also know what they have to work towards. Bums Organizational structure To meet Bum’s needs and objectives they came up with the best structure possible for them so that the College could run at the best of its ability and be highly effective.

Marie-There’s McGovern is the chief executive of BMW and is at the top of the structure. She is responsible for Damned Duffy, Justine Edward and Elaine Hardin. This is a hierarchical structure because Damned, Justine and Elaine report to Marie There’s because she is above them in the structure. Justine Edwards is then responsible for 3 heads of faculties at the 3 colleges – Brenda Duffy, head of Technologies and Academic studies at the Mildewed campus. Sinned Walsh, Head of Health, care, Sport and leisure at the Castellated/ Whitlock campuses.

Justine Edwards is also responsible for Suez Gray, Head of leadership, science and service industry and the Titanic Quarter campus. This is a geographical structure as these employees are located at different locations in he business across Belfast. Damned Duffy is then responsible for Paul O’Connor, Head of Learner Services and he is then in charge of Annual Bayle head of Student Services, Jim Woods head of Recruitment and Retention, and Skibobs Lyons head of Business Development. This is a functional structure as everyone reports to each other.

Elaine Hardin is responsible for 4 head of departments. The head of finance – Gillian Mayhem, the head of IT – Colic Days, head of estate and facilities management – Gregg Twaddle and the head of human resources – Nicola Powdered. This is another functional structure as these people have different oleos in the business and report to one person above them. Brenda Duffy head of faculty at Mildewed is responsible for three heads of schools. School of engineering and construction – Brian George. Head of electronic + computing technologies – Jonathan Headgear.

The head of A level, Adult access + languages – Elizabeth Robinson. This is a functional structure as these employees are assigned to different roles in the business. Sinned Walsh is then responsible for three head of schools at Castellated and Whitlock. The head of health care, sport and leisure – Helen Inform. The head of standards improvement – Lorenz McMillan. Head of community, education and life skills – Sharon Rivers. Christine brown, Head of business management and finance is then responsible for Iris Brown who is CAM for management, Leadership and professional Pros.

Caroline Lewis who is the CAM for business practice and Christine is also responsible for Wendy Newton, the senior school administrator. Wendy Newton is in charge of Jane Stephens the school time tabling and data administrator. Wendy is also responsible for the school administrator who is Diane Thompson. Strategic planning region. Employees also know what they have to work towards. BMW develop heir aims by breaking them down into more important and brief objectives. They do this because aims are meant to be short statements relative to what the organization wants to achieve.

Objectives are goals that the organization seeks to achieve and are much more important to the business than aims. Objectives cascade through the organization: Company wide objectives Functional objectives Team objectives Individual objectives SMART objectives Specific Measurable Achievable Results oriented Time bound Functional areas Finance Finance is important area in BMW as the money made is to help fund other areas within the organization. Finance is also used to provide services such as teaching and food and drink in the college’s canteen.

Marketing Marketing is also an important factor within BMW because without them advertising no one would know about the business and it would then obviously fall through. BMW use social media to advertise their business such as on Faceable which is viewed by millions of people on a daily basis. This is most likely the best way for the organization to advertise, many people will notice it and be interested in what it has to provide instantly. Production BMW don’t use production as one of their functional areas.

Customer services BMW use customer services to make it easy for people to get information about courses they are interested in or maybe people who are looking for a teaching job in the college. This may be a more helpful way for elderly people to get information as they may not be up to date with the internet and may struggle finding their way round the website. Sales Bum’s objectives do not include sales. However sales for food and drink are made in the canteen. This opens up more jobs for people. The money can also fund some parts of the college egg. To employ more tutors so more courses can become available.

HRS BMW help students with C.v. and also there is a career department which can help students find a job that is best suited to them. Influencing factors Stakeholders influence the strategic plans of BMW. Such as parents, they want their children to be educated. They therefore take an interest in the organization. Parents also influence the strategic plan because if they have a bad view on the organization they will tell friends and people who are interested in the college that it isn’t worth it. If there isn’t a nice friendly environment inside the organization people will not be interested in it.

Therefore BMW would have a small amount of students and teaching staff. Ownership is very important within BMW and their owner is the government. The owner is important as they decide what is required for the business to succeed and they need to do everything possible to ensure that it does. Marks and Spencer general information Mission statement – “Making aspiration quality accessible to all. ” Aims – “Our aim is to make M&S a truly international, multi-channel retailer – accessible to even more customers around the world. We have created considerable momentum through a wide range of activities and are making good progress. Http://corporate. Merchandiser. Com/about/our_plan M&S have decided on these aims because they have decided that they want to expand their business to an international retailer and be known all around the world for their products and services. By M&s having a mission and aims this allows them to know their plans in advance and what they have to achieve to compete with other colleges in the region. Employees also know what they have to work towards. Organizational Structure At the top of Marks and Spence’s structure is the chairman – Sir Stuart Rose. He is then responsible for the chief executive officer Marc Bollard.

Bollard is then responsible for the board of directors and the executive committee. The executive committee is in charge of: The Head of Finance and operations – Ian Tyson Head of international, property and store dive – Clef Constantine Head of food products – John Dixon Head of IT logistics – Darrell Stein Human Resources – Attain Dodge The head of store marketing and design – Nanny McIntosh Head of retail and M direct – Steve Rowe Head of Per Nun – Andrew Skinner Marks and Spencer use both hierarchical and flat organizational structures within the business.

From the Chief executive – Stuart Rose down to the Executive omitted is a hierarchical structure. From The head of finance and operations – Ian Tyson to the head of Per nun – Andrew Skinner is a flat structure. Flat structure – A flat structure has few levels of hierarchy which enables the businesses employees to be able to change position easily. This type of structure is helpful in a small part of a business as there are not many employees and makes them feel equal. This is why M have decided to use it.

Hierarchical structure – A hierarchical structure is usually used in large part of business as it goes from employees at the top of the business to the employees at the bottom f it. Employees also know where they stand in the business and who to report to. This enables M to run smoothly. Functional Areas (finance, marketing, production, customer service, sales, HRS Finance – Finance is very important within M as the business relies on it to function. Stock needs to be ordered in to hundreds of stores within the UK every week and this costs a great amount for the business. Also need to pay their employees which is also costs the business a massive amount of money. Without money customers would stop shopping in Marks and Spence’s stores because there would be no stock and employees would leave because they would be working without pay. Marketing – marketing is a very important concept within M&S as without it, none/little people would know about the business. Advertise through television which is broadcasted to billions of people every day. They advertise their food, clothes and car insurance. They also advertise through social networking sites such as Faceable and they also have their own Twitter account.

These websites are also extremely popular. Production – M&S sell food, clothing and insurance. Food and clothing products are constantly needing to be produced for the business to arrive as these are the main things the business stands on. Customer Service Customer service inside stores has to excellent. Customers expect a lot of M&S’s customer service team as they are a very high market business. If customers do not get what’s needed from them they may stop shopping there and give negative reviews to friends which loses M&S profit and customers.

Sales – Sales is the most important thing to M&S as they need profit to keep running smoothly. HRS – M&S provide a large range of HRS administration which allows them to have more employees. This also opens up opportunities for the local community. Influencing Factors Stakeholders influence M&S greatly. Without customers coming to the business the business couldn’t survive due to low income and profit. Without employees the business wouldn’t be able to survive either as customer services is needed in store for the business to be able to run. The environment inside M&S’s stores need to be helpful and friendly.

This is what customers expect from them as they are such a high up business. They expect excellent customer service as well. Customers are not just paying for products, they are paying for how they are treated in store and if they are ignored or staff aren’t helpful people will simply top shopping in store. Ownership is very important within this type of business as the person in charge of the organization needs to make sure the stores and customer service are keeping up to date with the customers’ needs and keeping completive with competitors. 4 Strategic planning definition Strategic planning is when an organization makes aims and objectives to give their staff goals to work towards. Smart objectives A set of goals that are characterized by being Specific, Measurable, Available at an acceptable cost, Relevant and Time-bound. The first letters of those heartsickness are commonly shortened to SMART, and SMART objectives are typically used in a business context by project managers when initially evaluating and setting goals for a project. Http://www. Contraindications. Com/definition ‘SMART-objectives. HTML M&S’s structure is very helpful for their business. They have a mix of a fiat and geographical structure allowing them to keep themselves on track and run smoothly. Their flat structure allows them to report to each other very quickly, information from each store can be passed on to one another which allows decisions to be made much more quickly. This keeps shareholders pappy as they know the business is running effectively on a day to day basis without any problems.

Because of Marks and Spence’s geographical element where they have stores in the UK and Middle east they can improve growth as per strategic plan. BMW has decided to use a mix of flat, hierarchical and a geographical structure. This is very helpful for their business as information can be passed between departments quickly and efficiently. Belfast Met can bring in more students and job opportunities because of the campuses they have. Each college has similar courses so they will have more space to take on more dents.

Bum’s campuses can communicate easily with each other and the hierarchical prospect of the structure allows information to be reported to higher up employees who make the bigger decisions. By BMW having this structure it allows them to run very smoothly on a day to day basis. Stakeholders will be happy with this and this will also bring in more students and employees to the business due to good word of mouth. Even though both these businesses are in different sectors they both have to follow their aims and objectives to enable them to run smoothly on a day to day basis.

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