It is easy to write a text message or a letter to your friend, as you do not have to think about introductions and using quotations. It turns out that every person has certain writing skills up to par: somebody can write a fascinating novel and someone else can write a short (1-2 sentences) paragraph only. Essay writing is an essential part of the study at any educational institution, but in most cases, this exercise casts down and plunges students into shock.

An average student has to be a master of excellent writing skills, know academic rules, use reliable recourses and has to turn in a paper before the deadline. When this student has more than two papers to fulfill at the same time, he pushes the panic button.

How to cope with such challenging task and save nerves? Some students choose the easiest option and turn to reliable writing companies.  Actually, experienced online essay writers know how to compose a good paper, whether it is Shakespeare essay or final paper for Bachelor Program, and smoothen things down for their customers. Some learners choose the hardest way and decide to fulfill the assignment on their own. Who knows how to perform college paper of any complexity but college grads? Here are few, time-tested tips from former students.

Tip 1: Start writing process immediately

When you get the topic, your mind starts brainstorming unconsciously. Start collecting and writing your thoughts and do not care about grammar at this stage. You can try drawing an idea map or a mind map. If you start working on the paper as soon as you get the task, you will have enough time to compose, revise the draft and fulfill the assignment before the deadline. 

Tip 2: Write about things you know

If you have to choose the topic for your paper, think about what you know and what you are experienced in. You have to be interested in what you are writing about – your inspiration comes from your interest. Try to motivate yourself, search for benefits and remember that being interested is one of the most essential components of successful paper composing.

Tip 3: Do not waste time

Any college paper consists of introduction, body, and conclusion. Also, you have to write a thesis statement. If you feel that the ideas stuck in your mind and you can’t write the introduction part, digress into another part. When inspiration does not come, avoid forcing yourself to type words. You risk of composing bad paper or wasting your time.

Tip 4: Leave yourself time for proofreading

Sometimes, in the writing process, you get a new idea and start developing it. That is not bad, but there is one thing to remember about: first, finish the current paragraph and only after that start working on the new one. Besides, you should know how you will insert a new abstract. The thing is that after you finish composing your paper, you will take a fresh look at your work and, perhaps, change something. That is why you should have enough time to edit the material.


Tip 5: Do not write too much

Students are often asked to fulfill the writing task as per instructions of their teachers and sometimes, in order to show the high level of intelligence, they go beyond. Do not write extra sentences and cut the ideas up into little pieces for your professor to eat. Include concrete examples and avoid too long explanations.

The most important thing is to be positive. Keep in mind that every written word, every found fact and even every mistake make you smarter and more intelligent – this is very rewarding experience.


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