The impact of Nurse practitioner led clinics in Canadas healthcare system

The impact of Nurse practitioner led clinics in Canadas healthcare system.



Uploaded files are some possible articles that maybe used. Paper topics will be selected to address an element, issue or topic related to NP practice. The students will explore literature to examine theory, research, policy , legislation, regulation or other practice considerations related to nurse practitioner practice in addressing the topic and write a scholarly paper succinctly articulating their findings.

The paper will be written using APA formatting (no abstract or table of contents required). In addition to scholarly writing requirements, the paper will include the following elements: a) A clear description of the identified topic b) A definition/description of a nurse practitioner, including discussion of why nurse practitioners are qualified and fit to address the identified issue or focus area c) Discussion of relevant theory, research, regulation, legislation, policy, and or other practice considerations related to the identified topic d) Barriers and facilitators to NPs addressing the issue e) Future direction I also need a power point presentation with notes as a draft prior to paper thanks PPP instructions “Topics in Advanced Practice Nursing” presentation dates.

Students will explore literature and information related to a selected topic and synthesize this information into a succinct 10-minute, maximum 10 slide presentation. The short length of this presentation was purposefully chosen to help develop student skills in succinctly summarizing and organizing information into a presentation, a common style of presentation used in political advocacy and conference presentations. The presentation should acknowledge both sides of the topic, reference appropriate literature, and utilize APA formatting. At the end of the presentation, the group will facilitate a 5-minute group discussion related to the topic.

Evaluation of the presentation will include the following: a) Presentation Content: Comprehensive summary of topic, addressing both side of the debate and referencing a variety of quality sources, included key documents. Appropriate APA formatting (10 marks) b) Presentation skills: Engaging style with excellent grasp of subject matter , within time limits, appropriate multi-media, active involvement of all team members, ability to facilitate group discussion (5 mark

The impact of Nurse practitioner led clinics in Canadas healthcare system

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