The responsiveness of health services

This assignment will be a 2000 word discussion paper in essay format incorporating reflective analysis and critique of mental health nursing practice and health care services in terms of evidence and efficacy of recovery orientated practice.

The purpose of this discussion paper is to give students the opportunity to explore the literature surrounding theories of recovery and practice. Students will be required to prepare an essay based on the National framework for recovery–orientated mental health services (2013), choosing one of the two (2) domains listed below.

a) Domain 2: Person 1st and holistic
Putting people who experience mental health issues first and at the centre of
practice and service delivery; viewing a person’s life situation holistically
b) Domain 3: Supporting personal recovery
Personally defined and led recovery at the heart of practice rather than an additional task

Students will be required to explore the key capabilities of mental health nurses and the responsiveness of health services to working with individuals, families, carers and the community within a recovery framework.

You will need to access a number of articles (between 6 –10) and critically review them in order to present a meaningful academic discussion. In your review demonstrate critical analysis & synthesis supporting all of your work with appropriate references.
Assignment submission is via the LEO drop box including a Turnitin Certificate. Students should ensure that they retain a copy of your assignment. If any difficulties arise please contact the LIC. Student will receive feedback on each assessment task through email attachment.

Learning outcomes assessed: 1, 2 & 4
How to submit: Students should submit assignment as a word document

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