The Healthy and Active Child

The Healthy and Active Child
Assignment 1: Persuasive essay
Word limit: 1000 (+/- 10%)
Weighting: 20%
After you have read this information, head over to the Assignment 1 Q&A discussion board to ask any questions and see what your peers are saying about this assignment.
Assignment details
You are to respond to the statement below, and in doing so articulate your philosophy (views, attitudes and beliefs) in relation to both risk-taking and safety in early childhood education.
You will situate your response within either an early childhood centre or the early years of primary school. Your philosophy will shape your professional identity and hence the ways you plan and teach. Your philosophy will be clearly evident in the ways you understand early years’ development and in the experiences you provide for children in this age group.
Children in early childhood centres or in the early years of primary school need to be kept safe at all times, and not exposed to anything that might cause them harm.
Essay requirements
Your persuasive essay must be written in first person (this is your philosophy after all), and must persuade your reader that your beliefs are valid and reasonable. That means you need to develop a coherent argument across the body of the essay, and ensure you have well-reasoned points to argue. Your essay will be more persuasive if you write from a deep awareness of your own beliefs and attitudes, as well as logically and coherently. You will develop this deep awareness through engaging with the learning materials and through discussion with your peers.
The introduction:
• Must introduce the topic.
• Must contain a clearly stated thesis statement (a one-sentence response to the statement above).
• Must introduce the essay structure.
As a general rule, be no more than 10% of the total word count—in this case, no more than 100 words. You will need to be succinct.
The body should:
• Develop a series of arguable claims (for instance, that you believe children flourish when they are given responsibility within a safe environment) backed up by legitimate reasons that support that claim.
• Demonstrate that you have carefully considered the number of arguments you make. If you make a lot of arguments, you might forego depth for breadth (see Criterion 2 for why it is important to consider depth over breadth).
• Ensure that each argument supports your thesis.
• Focus on your views and beliefs.
The conclusion:
• Will sum up your arguments and then make one final statement about your beliefs. You should not rewrite/restate your introduction.
• Should not be any more than 10% of the overall word count—so no more than 100 words in this case.
That leaves approximately 800 words for the body of your essay.
Quality of referencing
While this essay must focus on your philosophy, you should demonstrate an understanding of children’s development, particularly the significance of brain development in the early years and the implications for your teaching. Your arguments will be more persuasive if they are informed by high-quality literature for example, the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and scholarly articles. Avoid using .com websites as sources of evidence.
When you use evidence from the literature to support your arguments, you will need to ensure that you cite it according to APA referencing conventions.

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