The Future of Nursing Leading Change

The Future of Nursing Leading Change
The Future of Nursing Leading Change Order Instructions: 1. Read the synopsis of the IOM Report, “The Future of Nursing” at
What does this report do for the image of nursing?
2. Access the following websites to examine the image of nursing as it is being portrayed by professional organizations in the media: ANA press releases at click on The Patient Promise ( and view the video ;
View: Sigma Theta Tau International, The Nursing Honor Society at
How is nursing viewed? Do you think that the strategy behind these websites promotes a positive image for nursing?
3. Go to the website of the American Assembly of Men in Nursing at
How does this website portray nursing? Compare and Contrast with the ANA or Sigma Website
4. How do the above websites compare to the media’s portrayal of nursing in shows such as Scrubs, ER, Nurse Jackie, Grey’s Anatomy, Chicago MD, Code Black or others?
• Are Nurses as Characters on television and or in movies portrayed to have professional competence? (cite examples)
• Identify what television show and Nurse you are examining?
• If other health care providers are included in the program what differences are seen in their personality traits as compared with the nurse character? See page 43 (Black, 2017)

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