The evolution of HIV infection into a chronic disease

The evolution of HIV infection into a chronic disease has implications across all clinical care settings. Every nurse should be knowledgeable about the prevention, testing, treatment, and chronicity of the disease in order to provide high-quality care to people with or at risk for HIV. It’s important, therefore, to have an understanding of the changing epidemiology of the disease, the most recent testing recommendations, developments in screening technology, the implications of aging with HIV infection, and the nursing implications of the ongoing epidemic. We live a world that is every changing. What is meant by that is HIV is a disease that changed with time. It was really known in the 80’s. You could not turn the TV or listen to radio without an ad about HIV. The disease still exists today but really not spoken about as much. Almost as there is a cure. As nurse we should continue to educate to public on how HIV is transmitted, HIV prevention, new meds that have been issued and living with HIV is not a death penalty.

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