The definition of nursing

The definition of nursing

Define nursing according to nursing literature and how this definition has changed. Share your opinion of Christian nursing and how it is or is not different from other nursing.

The definition of nursing has gradually evolved over time. Understanding the influences and changes which have helped to shape our profession are important. Nursing encompasses the ministry of compassionate care for the whole person in an attempt to foster optimum health (shalom) and bring comfort in suffering and death for anyone in need. Nursing is servant work, and is sometimes dirty work! Christian caring is hands-on, patient-centered, physical, psychosocial and spiritual intervention to meet the needs of a patient regardless of how the nurse feels

Each student will discuss:

The definition of nursing according to nursing literature. Who are we, what do we do?
How has the definition of nursing changed, and why do you think this has happened?
Is “Christian nursing” different from any other nursing? Why or why not?

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