The concepts of health, person, environment, and nursing

Assignment Criteria for the Paper:
1. Brief introduction on selection of an organizing framework. Organizing framework is consistent with mission and philosophy. Mission and philosophy are included.
2. Organizing framework shows sequencing and prioritizing of knowledge
3. The concepts of health, person, environment, and nursing are included in the organizing framework and are clearly defined.
4. Develop program outcomes for your institution that incorporate the following:
a. Program outcomes should incorporate changes in demographics and technology
b. Program outcomes should flow from the program philosophy
c. Program outcomes should be described as characteristics expected of graduates by the end of the program
d. Program outcomes reflect expectations defined by professional organizations, government agencies and reports, and accrediting bodies.
5. A minimum of three scholarly references. These references may refer to the work of theorists used as a foundation for the organizing framework or serve to introduce the need for, or process of building, an organizational framework. Any work drawn from other frameworks must be properly credited
6. Grammar, spelling, punctuation, references, and citations are consistent with formal academic writing and APA format as expressed in the 6th edition

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