The concept of Interpersonal Collaboration


According to Confucious, the noblest method to learn is the reflection. The same method this assignment has required me to do in this assignment. I was required to give words to my experience which I witnessed as a part of an inter-professional learning set. It allowed me to observe different stages and the learning processes which a group might go through while working together and how they connect on the same page to achieve a particular task as a team. The learning set was comprised of five people where two members were the students from the mental health nursing, two were from child nursing and I was representing the Adult Nursing.

This assignment requires me to write and to reflect on my learning experiences which I observed during this time period. Research studies suggest that it is a conscious effort to think and to look about the different experience one goes through during a process or a task an then interpreting them so that learning may be derived from them (Boud et al.1985). it is basically the drawing out knowledge, a higher level of understanding and a new meaning to what is already known while adding new information at the same time, this is the purpose which reflection essentially entail in it (Moon, 2004). It was a group assignment in which we all have to prepare together and present it in our classroom, where we were required to discuss and analyse the important aspects provided in the case study. Thus, this reflective account also required me to enhance my level of understanding and as well as my social skills along with the identification of what my role was and what were the strengths and weakness, I encountered during the process.

According to (Jasper & Rolfe, 2011) reflection challenges the understanding of a person, his behaviours and attitudes in order to make an individual more critical about his views with which he practices and interprets the whole world. It is also a very important concept of individual learning which allows an individual to make his/her own interpretations rather than relying on the judgements and beliefs of others (Mezirow, 1997). This, I will be doing the same in this reflective essay of mine and shall attempt narrate that the whole experience affected me.

Further, as far as teamwork is concerned its importance can not be denied. Research studies suggest that in order to provide quality care and enhancing a professional’s skill set it is essential (Spouse et al., 2008). According to Berry & Curry, (2012) the teamwork, especially in nursing, is connected with the patient’s high-quality care and the interrelationship of workload and it also showed the impact on the level of nursing care. In the end, I shall describe with reference to my experience that how my experience went through during the time I spent in this group assignment within a surgical ward.

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