Technological process used in the healthcare setting

INSTRUCTIONS. THE PAPER MUST ADDRESS AND DEVELOP THE FOLLOWING ASPECTS: 1. E-PRESCRIPTIONS. Describe this technology or technological process used in the healthcare setting that lends itself to the S.T.E.E.E.P principles. (2 pages). A. Describe specifically how the selected technology contributes to meeting any or all of the STEEEP Principles. (Transcript length: 2 pages) B. Describe ONE negative impact/implication this technology or process has on nursing practice. ( length: 2 pages) C. Develop a comprehensive evidence-based solution (intervention/process) for reducing this negative impact and provide a thorough description of this proposed solution. (length: 2 pages) D. Include a description of how the effects/outcomes of the proposed solution might be evaluated/measured for success. (length: 2 pages) E. 3 REFERENCES ( LAST 3 YEARS) [Total suggested transcript length: 10 pages] Transcript should be prepared using APA style.

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