Sumner Place Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation is in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Sumner Place Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation is in Lincoln, Nebraska. They have been enhancing the lives of their residents since 1975 located by an elementary school and close to the state capitol building. Sumner Place prides themselves in providing resident-focused care, independence, and a homelike atmosphere (Welcome to Sumner Place, 2019). They also have three households that have Alzheimer and dementia residents, short-term rehab and sub-acute care, and skilled nursing and long-term care (Living Options: Alzheimers & Dimentia, 2019).
With Sumner place being in Nebraska, facilities must be prepared for tornadoes, high wind storms, severe thunder storms, fires, and power outages. Here in Lincoln, there isn’t much of a chance for flooding, but there is always a high risk for the other disasters happening here. Sumner Place must have policies and plans put into effect for each of the disasters that could happen. For an HIM professional, they should have the policies, plans and drills to prepare them for when an event were to happen. By doing this, they must have a plan to:
Maintain the identity of each resident that will ensure the care and treatment with each resident’s needs
Move residents to points of safety or provide other means of protection when all or part of the building is damaged or uninhabitable due to natural or other disasters.
Protect their residents during a threat of exposure to the ingestion, absorption, or inhalation of hazardous materials or substances
Provide food, water, medical supplies, medicine, and other necessary items for care and treatment in an event of a natural or other disaster
Provide comfort, well-being, and safety of the residents in the event of 24 or more consecutive hours of

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