Sociocultural Challenges And Healthcare Disparities

Sociocultural Challenges And Healthcare Disparities
Include your thoughts about how nurses can respond to these challenges to provide quality care to those who often face healthcare disparity.
In your discussion, share an example of a situation from your nursing practice that either has resulted in a healthcare disparity based on sociocultural concerns or a concern you have noted that could result in deficient care for minorities or those in poverty or other marginalized groups. Psychiatric patients, patients with dementia, and the elderly are a few examples of marginalized groups.
Look up information on morbidity and mortality within your community. Discuss the populations at risk for healthcare disparities.
Discuss healthcare disparities faced by your vulnerable population. Identify a biblical principle relating to how nurses should care for members of minorities, those in poverty, or other marginalized populations.
Share your thoughts with regard to ways that nurses could respond to improve the care for these groups.
The posting must be a minimum of four paragraphs with a minimum of three sentences per paragraph.
At least two professional sources should be used for this post.

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