significant nursing clinical issue

.Reflect on your practice, and identify a significant nursing clinical issue or change project that you would like to search for evidence in online sources. Formulate searchable, clinical questions in the PICO(T) format for your nursing clinical issue. I would like to use hand washing with hand sanitizer vs. hand washing with soap in the prevention and spreading of infection 2.Briefly describe how it is relevant to your nursing clinical issue. Remember to give a complete reference to the study.
Focus: D4069894 Volvo2007 Here you will have access to the book if necessary for the PICOT formatting.
Structure: Example The significant nursing clinical issue that I have chosen is nurse burnout and patient safety. PICOT FORMAT about my clinical nursing issue is as follows: P= Problem – Nurse Burnout and Patient Safety. I=Intervention – Adequate Staff Patient Ratio. C=Comparison – Reduced staff-patient ratio. O=Outcome – Reduced staff burnout and increased patient safety. T=Time – Within one month. (Topic)Question: Among nursing professionals (P), do adequate staffing (I) reduce burnout, turnover, increase patient safety, and improve patient outcomes (O) compared to inadequate staff-patient ratio (C) within one month (T)? It is known that job satisfaction among nurses directly impacts patient outcomes, and therefore, it is so important for hospitals’ management to create reasonable working conditions and supportive environments at work. The article by Aiken et al. (2016) has addressed the problem of nursing understaffing and its impact on the quality of care offered to patients and nurses’ job satisfaction. Currently, the U. S. healthcare system is experiencing a shortage of nursing personnel in varied areas and at various levels (Aiken et al., 2015). As a result, staffing becomes a challenge for nurse leaders because not enough professionals are available to cover the existing needs. In hospitals with the high patient to nurse ratios, patients are provided with lower quality care, and nurses are more prone to experience burnout and job dissatisfaction as indicated by Aiken et al. (2016). Overall, this journal article gave me an insight into nurse shortage, burnout, and patient safety. It also has pointed out how to improve staff level reduction, turnover rates, burnout, patient safety, and nurses’ job dissatisfaction.
Important notes: Please use the book for the class as one of the referenced. Above you have the info to log in if needed I have also attached a sample. Please search it on the use of hand washing with hand sanitizer vs. hand washing with soap in the prevention and spreading of infection,

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