Seminal zinc levels

Available literature reveals the human body contains. 1-3gm of Zinc, about 0.1% of which is refilled daily.1 many authors has been Reported excessively high amount of zinc in human seminal plasma in the mean range from 78.9 to 274 mglL . Prostate gland is the major contributor in secretion of seminal zinc. After the functional maturation of sperm the prostatic Zinc ions comes in its contact. DNAB al.reported after ejaculation immediately seminal zinc ions get diluted by the cervical and vaginal fluids. Therefore how this high concentration of Zinc in seminal plasma affects sperm function 1 so there has been increasing curiosity in the evaluation of essential trace elements present in different concentration in human body fluids and their correlation the semen quality 2 In fact zinc play vital role in affecting various semen parameters. However, Zinc has protective role against accumulation of heavy metals by reduction of available binding site or by competition between them3 zinc is an important micronutrient for human health it is also associated with many physiological function ‘ in including its role in metalloenzymes that relate to intermediary metabolism 6 zinc play an important role in the semen ejaculation as well co-factor for the DNA- binding proteins with Zinc fingers .zinc is brought to be the part in the superoxide dismutase for the repair of damaged DNA. It plays a role in the transcription and translational process. Zinc in the seminal plasma stabilizes the cell membrane and nuclear chromatin of the sperm .the total content of zinc in human semen in very high and in found to have critical role in spermatogenesis it also play important role in the development of testes, Secondary sexual characteristics and in a few sperm physiological functions. Zinc acts as a growth factor an immune regulator cryoprotectent with anti-inflammatory effects 6 Decrease in the level of Zinc in seminal plasma causes hypogonadism, decreases in the size of the testes, in adequate development of secondary sexual characteristic, and atrophy in somniferous tubules consequently, these Results in the spermatogenesis failure 7 Although some beneficial effects of zinc on semen have seen accepted, controversies continues Regarding zinc levels between different sub fertile groups as well as the relationship between zinc and semen parameters. Some author reported significantly different seminal zinc level between fertile and subfertile groups indication low seminal zinc concentration in subtertile population. 1,8,9 while some other have shown that there in difference between two groups. 10, 11, 12.
Attempts have been made over the decades in relating seminal zinc concentration with semen parameters but also so far the Result is in conclusive. Chia. reported a significant relationship of seminal plasma zinc with sperm density, motility and viability. 8 similar studies have shown the relationships with volume 13 PH 14 concentrations 15 and more physiology .16 Lack of relationships is also evident in some other studies by using different methods. 17
The aim of the present study was to determine the seminal zinc levels in different groups, and to find the relationship between zinc levels and semen parameters.

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