Select one quantitative research study and one qualitative research study related to the field of nursing

For the assignment, you will select one quantitative research study and one qualitative research study related to the field of nursing and write an abstract of the investigation for each study. Each abstract should be between 150–250 words. You must attach the research studies to the respective abstracts.
Quantitative and Qualitative
(An abstract is a short description or synopsis of a journal article, research, or other written material. Abstracts should be accurate, brief, clear, and include only the most essential information.)
The purpose of this assignment is to become familiar with published research, research designs, and methodologies.
Ensure the following questions are addressed in each abstract:
1. What type of research is it (quantitative, qualitative, and design)?
2. What was the research question(s) or hypothesis?
3. What is the sample, the sample size, and sample attributes?
4. What was the setting of the study?
5. What were the researcher’s findings? (Identify one.)
abstract of two research studies; choose a quantitative research study and a qualitative research study.
Another indications
You should begin each abstract with the full APA reference to the article you are reviewing.
Remember that you must submit the peer reviewed articles of the research study along with your abstracts. Articles have to be cut-n-pasted onto a WORD document, saved in a .pdf format, or submitted via a working URL link directly to the article site.
Make sure that you are using primary research studies….not articles that are just reporting on various types of research. If it is a research study, it will have an identification of the research design, a description of the sample and setting, the methodology of the research, and how the data was analyzed. If it does not have those items, it is not a research study. If you use an article rather than a study, you will not be able to complete the assignment successfully!!
TIPS as you work on your abstracts this week as well as your critique:
Don’t forget to identify the design of your studies (ie: experimental, cross sectional, ethnographic, etc.). Use the table Comparison of Quantitative to Qualitative Research under the Doc Sharing tab to help you with this.

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