Scents in healthcare and how it effects patients

The application of scent in the healthcare industry such as imaging centres has been discovered to have a lot of influence on how the patients feel. The results of the application of scent mostly have the positive effect of making the environment friendlier. Hospitals, dental clinics, imaging centres and various waiting rooms within the healthcare normally stressful and creates a lot of anxiety. This is due to the bad smells that are created by cleaning, and harsh sterilization supplies make the patients and the visitors to have a negative experience. To make the environment more comfortable for the patients, the smell of the environment must be changed; this is only done by use of the scent. The paper aims at addressing the findings and application of Scent in the healthcare industry and specifically in an imaging centre.

Research Findings

Results showed that diffusion of soothing scent including eucalyptus or lavender, triggers the visitors and the patients within healthcare institutions which further makes them less stressful, the results also showed that the scent manipulates the patient’s brain through bringing up a conducive environment, thus puts the patient in a world of imagination of good times. According to Singh in his article, whenever a patient is carried away by such smells, his or her brain is altered by about 3.1 ppb, this is what makes the patient to be in the imaginative word and forgets about the stressful environment in various health facilities (Singh).

From the research, it was also discovered that use of fragrances that are child-friendly makes the patients who are young to be at ease as compared to the unfriendly fragrances, this is due to the brain specificity among the children thus, it also clearly indicates that scent plays a major role in making the children comfortable as well. On the adults, use of scent makes them to be soothed and also enhances their relaxation. For the aged, uplifting of scent in the morning makes them more energetic and soothed, while soothing aroma applied during the afternoon makes them to cam and also to relax.

It was also found that ambient scenting in the healthcare centres has a positive effect on perceptions that the patients have regarding the personal wellness, cleanliness and service quality within the institution (Lehrner & Johann). Whenever the environment of an institution is conducive, the patients feel that high hygiene is maintained by the health providers thus this attracts more patients. In contrast, when the patients are uncomfortable due to the smells from the service appliances and sterilization equipment, they will generalize the institution as being unsafe thus this destroys the image that the health care facility has. The findings also show that other than directly influencing the environment, the scent plays an important role in ensuring that the air is clean and fresh. Thus, it airborne diseases are controlled. The control of the airborne disease is due to the revitalizing of the air by the air aroma which further enhances addition of antimicrobial activities and prevents the airborne diseases. This makes the patients more comfortable in the environment thus attracts them even more to the institution.

Applications of Scent in Healthcare

Scents are applied in the health institution to reduce fear as well as stress. In most of the health premises including the imaging centre. The patients are normally stressed due to the treatment processes that occur including injections. This makes the patients be worried, and sometimes a lot of fear is instilled in them. Stress among the patients may also be caused by the conditions of other patients with more complications. Application of the scents will, therefore, produce calm and pleasant feeling to the patients. This will thus relieve the patient from stress and also makes them recover faster in any case they are going under various complications as well. Through this, the patients get attracted to the health institution thus essential for its growth. The application of scent to reduce stress among the patients is not only limited to the stressors such as conditions of other patients. The application may also relieve stress as the patients are undergoing treatments involving imaging where they are under pain due to various factors. The scents help reduces such pains among the patients thus are essential for imaging centres. This application has scientifically proven that healing and stressors of the patients mostly come from the mind; thus, when the mind is relieved, the normal body activities will occur without any hindrance.

Application of scent technology to neutralize the smell. Almost all the health institution including imaging centers experiences bad smells. The smells are normally caused by different reasons. They may be caused by the normal unpleasant smell of the drugs. Smells can be caused by treatment equipment, sterilization equipment and also various reagents used in various processes. To neutralize such smells, a strong scent is used which provides a powerful smell than the odor one which further refreshes the air. In application, a scent system is applied with the assistance of Odour neutralizer technology. The technology works by overpowering the odor. The bad smells are broken down through this technology which further replaces it with a more, pleasant and attractive smell (Guichard). Neutralising of the smell eventually creates a pleasant environment quickly and easily for the patients, personnel, and guests. This application is effective in Imaging centre due to the bad smells released by the imaging equipment used by the health experts. Therefore, the odor neutralizing technology should be effectively installed in the Imaging centre to attract more patients.

In applying then ON technology in the imaging centre, three steps are followed, the smell is detected, connected and new scent is introduced. The general smells that are caused in the imaging centers as discussed come from the equipment used in treatment and sterilization; such smells can be easily identified due to their uniqueness. The ON technology which is constructed by use of oil scent then connects the bad smell, under their scent molecules and then integrate them into smaller molecules which further integrate the smell into that of water containing hydrogen and oxygen (Herz & McCall). The technology then split these two parts of molecules, the bad ones, and the good ones. After which a pleasant smell is introduced. The technology is thus appropriate for Imaging Centre.

Application based on the impact scent have to the memories. Applications of scents are directly connected to the memories. Whenever a patient detects scents such as Vanilla, what lingers in mind is the good times and the old times that they had (Naja). Such memories relieve the patients even more due to the world of imagination that they are exposed to. The patients thus can forget the harsh environment that they are exposed to and imagine of friendly environment, one of the major advantages that Scent have on the imaging centers as more patients are attracted by such applications. The scent systems enhance a better atmosphere which provides comfort to the patients.

Consequently, Scent is also applied as tension reducer. In the Imaging centre, vanilla should be applied. This is because, Vanilla makes good use of MRI facilities, one of the most used facilities in diagnostic imaging to decrease tension as well as claustrophobia. According to a research conducted by Florida University, it showed that the application of Vanilla reduces up to about 50% tension among the patient. This is due to the unique characteristics that are within it.

Application of scent is also enhanced as a trigger of patients. Scent can trigger patient’s emotions. This can be done by calming them and provision of a conducive environment where the patients can settle emotionally as certain treatment processes are carried out. Use of fresh citrus is known for its effects where it invigorates the patients. Triggering the emotions of the patients is an essential role done by the scents in the imaging centre since it affects the view, the patients have towards the centers (obin). It also affects the longevity of time that patients take in respective health institutions. Various complex aromas are known of changing the patient’s moods which further allows them to stay more within the centers. This is due to comfortability and relaxation offered through the emotion’s triggered by these scents. Therefore, this has a positive effect on the imaging centers as a positive image is portrayed and more patients are attracted towards the centers

In conclusion, it is evident that use of scents by the health institutions and more specifically the imaging centers is a cruci
al factor that must be taken into consideration as it determines the longevity and the growth of these centers. Through the scents and the scent technologies, patients are relieved, and a conducive environment is provided to them while in the respective imaging centers. This is through neutralization of bad smells from the equipment used for treatments as well as those used for sterilization, triggering the emotions of the patients as well making them to be relieved from pain and stress. Therefore, as a managing director of PUMA imaging centre in Texas, I recommend the use of scents as it will positively influence the growth of the centre.

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