Why I Want to Study Business Administration Essay

Why I Want to Study Business Administration Essay.

Having been looking for a college that would suit me as a student athlete, I turned to some of my senior of my seniors would had already entered college and had gone through the same process. I got impressive feedback but it was not until I received an email from Coach Jason Shaver with a link to UCCS website that my eyes opened up to the school I have known that I would like to study Business Adminstration for a long time.

This was inspired by my first visit to the United States in 2010.

Inspired by a visit to the United States for the first time in 2010, I chose Business Admisntration as because it will allow me to establish skills and generate ideas for developing my home country Zimbabwe. , a third world country in southern Africa . I had a short list of things I considered ideal for myself ,i in terms of the type of college and what it had to offer ,for example small classes.

Let’s face the facts, I am coming from a different country with a different education system.

I would not want to be in a big class with over 90 students it just would not work . I need one to one smaller classes in order to track my progress and identify areas of improvement After reading up on USCC I was happy to find what UCCS’ Business Admiration has to offer. I have learned of many unique aspects in the curriculum which include accreditation by AASB and its assurance that this will deliver the best business education and preparation for graduates to excel in their careers.

I find the Business Ethics Initiative a necessity as it offers ethical principles into the personal and organizational decision-making process , which would be of great use in my career. Most importantly I find the services offered by UCCS’ Internship and placement office to be of massive assistance in my job search. With all this in mind, I chose to study Business Administration at UCCS because it is the perfect fit for me. The program has a lot to offer and I am assured of a high quality education

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Why I Want to Study Business Administration Essay

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