The Purchase of Alaska Essay

The Purchase of Alaska Essay.

My dear countrymen, I strongly believe that the purchase of Alaska will help America in a number of ways. This bargain will prove fruitful for our country geo-strategically, in respect of natural resources and open numerous business avenues as well. At present our country is passing through difficult times and this move is definitely in our greater interests. If we purchase this land it will affect America, Russia and Britain in a number of ways. Our geo-strategic interests demand that we must buy this piece of land.

Russia is a friend of America and she proved immensely helpful during the civil war. Russia at present is in fear of losing this land to her adversary, Britain, in a possible military conflict as she is not in a position to defend Alaska physically and her financial position is not sound as well. At present Russia wants to unburden herself of Alaska in a positive way. The purchase of this land by America will help a friendly country – Russia, and affect the interests of an almost declared enemy of our interests- the Great Britain.

This way we will also be in a position to surround and off set the influence of Britain in the neighbouring territories which are at present under her influence and control. The future will stand testimony to the fact that our decision of purchasing Alaska from Russia was a wise and timely decision. We know that our drive towards expansion has brought us in competition with the Russian businessmen. If we buy this land it will help in improving America’s financial strength and strategic influence in the Asia-pacific region.

This way the expansion of settlements and commercial interests of Russia to the pacific coast of North America can be checked and America’s financial position can be improved to a great extent. Alaska is a vast territory with sparse population. This vast land will prove helpful to us in military manoeuvres as in recent times Napoleon’s misadventure and defeat in Russia has proved that vast territories help enormously in defeating strong armies. This vast territory will allow the Americans to go to this place and explore its potentials and get themselves settle there if they like.

Alaska will bring business and prosperity to the Americans in a number of ways. The increase in territory of America will help in boosting the pride and confidence of Americans in their motherland. Their respect and honour in the company of nations will also get a boost. I also believe that Alaska will add to America’s power in another way. Alaska is immensely rich in natural resources. It has forests that can provide us timber to burn and build houses and utilize in industries.

It has mines that will provide us with innumerable minerals including coal and it may happen that gold may also be found there. Our growing industries will have a huge source of raw material in the shape of Alaska. It will also allow America to have expensive fur and an increased supply of fish. The coast of this land will help America in increasing trade by sea and the American navy will also draw immense benefits from it. Keeping in view all these benefits I recommend that for the sake of America’s long term and multi dimensional interests we should buy this piece of land from Russia.

The Purchase of Alaska Essay

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