Four Frames of Organization Essay

Four Frames of Organization Essay.

Apollo 13: Scene 3 ( Mattingly – exposure to measles) and Scene 6 (Houston, we have a problem). What happens when an organizational structure changes – is it always a negative or can positive things occur? Do you see evidence of emerging leaders in Scene 6? Were they who you anticipated?Label this M1P2 and post no later than Monday.

“Major initiative to redesign structure and processes has often proved neither durable nor beneficial. Moving from designing a structure to putting all parts in place and satisfying every interested party is difficult and hazardous.

” (Bolman & Deal, 2008, p. 72) Change in Organizational Structure can be very challenging in process. Consume both time and resources yet no guarantee of success could cause resistant in some group of employee. Employee’s resistant causes a dominoes effect making change much harder. However if there is an obvious serious problem, nonetheless change will have to happen no matter. .In scene 3 – Mattlingly exposure to measles.

Change happened rapidly only within 72 hours before the mission.

Change are always more positive than a negative. But how to overcome change is difficult. When change happened, the good is.. Could make more money, work smarter, cutting cost, and reduce workload…more efficient. Reduce stress of employee in the long run… If decided change is going to happen, it will happen.. but it is harder and take longer when people resist. In this case everyone at the command room and in the vessel, both accept the change. The change move better. Ken also except. Freak out, expected something bad will happened. Not comfortable to work well together.

Did I see the leader emerge? Is it who you expect?

No not really, when they pull ken in to help…
I think it was more like Jack that was had more detail and better calculation. He was the one who alert Lovell that we need … Organization is confusing, eventhough majorily agree what is best decision, in the end it could turn out to be bad, but if the decision to change is made, then stick with it… …

Four Frames of Organization Essay

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