What is the biggest difference between Plato and Aristotle?

Reading Questions- Aristotle “Physics” Book II

Physics, Book II

1) What is the biggest difference between Plato and Aristotle?

2) Aristotle claims everything that exists is a substance, and substance is both form and matter. What is the matter part of a substance?

3) What is the form part of a substance?

4) How does the form and matter distinction in Aristotle change from Plato’s understanding of the nature of objects?

5) How is Aristotle’s understanding of substance similar to Plato’s?

Reading Questions- Aristotle “Physics” Bk II

Physics Bk II

1. What does Aristotle mean by “nature”?

2. Why does Aristotle focus so much on change?

3. What are the four causes according to Aristotle? List and explain them.

4. Use the four causes to explain the nature of an oak tree (from acorn to oak tree), and how it come to be.

5. What does Aristotle mean when he says nothing comes into being by spontaneity/chance? What is teleology? Do you think he is correct?

Reading Questions- Aristotle “DeAnima” Bks I and III

DeAnima Bk I and III

1) What types of things have souls” according to Aristotle?

2) List and describe the important feature of the 3 types of “souls”.

3) What is it about human “souls” (human nature) that is unique?

4) Name as many unique things that rationality allows us to do?

5) What is the connection between the final cause (telos) and the soul (entelechia) in human beings? Notice the root of both words is the same (tele) What is our purpose, according to Aristotle?