London’s Heathrow Terminal 5 Case Analysis

This week’s case study on London’s Heathrow Terminal 5 provides an overview of the use of innovation in developing governance structures for managing large-scale programs and projects as part of a sponsor’s portfolio. Based on your assigned readings respond to the questions below:
1: In the Heathrow T-5 case explain what the authors mean by the following statement: “In each megaproject there is discontinuity between the processes required to deliver the “project” and those involved in the “operation” of the end result.” Was the discontinuity between project delivery and operations resolved in the Heathrow T-5 case? If so, how?

2: As noted by the authors of the T-5 case study, clients face choices in determining what type of governance structure is appropriate. What type of governance structure was used in the T-5 Project? Was the chosen governance structure successful from the perspective of the authors of the T-5 case study? Why or why not?

Around 600 words, include an abstract at the beginning.