International Business Management

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Country Chosen:

  • China

PART 5:  International Business Management

The Strategy of International Business: 

The chapter discusses “principles of strategy and the various ways in which firms can profit from global expansion, and look at the strategies firms that compete globally can adopt.”

*Outline the global business strategy of your selected company and explain how your company’s existing or anticipated business in your selected host country is consistent with or inconsistent with its strategy. 

*Try to offer

The Organization of International Business: 

The chapter also discusses “the organizational architecture that multinational enterprises use to manage and direct their global operations. 

A central theme of the chapter was that different strategies require different organizational architectures; strategy is implemented through organizational architecture.  To succeed, a firm must its architecture to its strategy in discriminating ways.  Firms whose architecture does not fit their strategic requirements will experience performance problems. “

*Please outline the organizational architecture of your selected company. 

*Explain how it is consistent or inconsistent with its selected strategy and discuss its effectiveness generally and as applied to its business in your selected host country.

PART 5:  International Business Management

*Briefly discuss how your chosen company analyzed or analyzes international opportunities and how it chooses to enter various host countries including your chosen host country.

Entry Strategies & Strategic Alliances

*Please briefly describe and comment on the entry strategy or strategies used by your selected company (a) generally, and (b) when getting involved in your selected host country. 

*If your company is involved in strategic alliances, please briefly describe them and comment on their benefit to the company.

Exporting, Importing & Countertrade: 

*Briefly discuss the approach (es) taken by your company to exporting, importing and countertrade, (a) generally, and/or (b) as it involves your selected host country.  Have they worked well?

*Briefly discuss the policies of your selected host country toward exporting, importing and countertrade (a) generally, and (b) as they related to your selected company?  Have they worked well?