Financial Planning Project

Current Topics in Business – Wealth Management (MBA6290)

Financial Planning Project

The purpose of this project is to solidify your concepts on household financial analysis.

Specifically, it requires you to input household financial data in professional financial

planning software (MoneyGuidePro) and analyze strength, weaknesses and make

recommendations from wealth management perspective. The objective is to get hands-on

experience on financial planning process by working with professional wealth

management tools.

The project involves the following tasks:

(i) Data Collection. Survey a household and use the questionnaire worksheet to obtain the

financial data. You do not have to collect responses for each question but try to gather as

much information as possible before getting started with the software. You may want to

modify the survey responses and personal information for privacy purposes.

(ii) Software Registration. MoneyGuidePro is one of the leading financial planning

software and you have access to it for this semester. All data will be deleted after 6

months. Follow these instructions to set up your account:

1. Visit 2. Click the Register button 3. Agree to the license agreement 4. Create a User ID and Password 5. Use this Registration code: 14770 (same code for all students).

(iii) Data Entry. Once registered, follow the following steps:

1. Go to “Start Planning” and “Add New Client.” Input basic information. 2. Go to “Fina Metrica Risk Tolerance” and calculate the risk tolerance score. 3. Go to “Budget” to input income and expenses. 4. Go to “Financial Goal Plan” and from the drop-down menu choose “Retirement.”

This is the main section where you will enter most of the financial data.

5. Once all data is entered, create the financial goal plan. 6. Calculate important financial ratios

(iv) Analysis and Recommendations. Prepare a report in your own words on the financial

conditions of the household (2-3 pages). Specifically, highlight the main findings from

the financial goal plan generated by MoneyGuidPro and interpret relevant financial ratios

to strengthen your analysis and recommendations.

Project Submission and Presentation


Upload the following documents in the Blackboard:

1. Project Report (2-3 pages, font 12 double spaced) 2. MoneyGuidePro report (Financial Goal Plan and Risk Tolerance) 3. ZOOM Video Presentation (See tutorial on how to record and share


Zoom Videl Presentation: 8-10 minutes 1. Household description (age, employment, children, goals, etc.) 2. Risk tolerance and Budget 3. Main findings of the financial goal plan generated by MoneyGuidPro and

interpretation of financial ratios (maximize your time in this component)

4. Strengths, weaknesses and recommendations

Grading Rubric

Your grade will be based on the quality of both report and presentation.

Completeness of data entry

(a) Risk Tolerance (b) Financial Goal Plan


Analysis of Financial Goal Plan 40%

Ratio Analysis and Recommendations 20%

Strengths, Weaknesses and Recommendations 15%

  • Current Topics in Business – Wealth Management (MBA6290)
  • Financial Planning Project