Policies and procedures for the EHR use

Maintain the change through the development and implementation of policies and procedures, like all health information must be entered in the EHR during or immediately after the encounter.

The goal of change management and maintaining it is to help staff transition through change so that the organization can achieve anticipated business or competitive benefits. For this, the change management leaders should convey this message frequently to the employees and allow two-way conversations to gauge and address their concerns, if any.

Policies and procedures for the EHR use

Your assignment should contain:

Policies and procedures for the EHR use such as:
All information must be entered in EHR or soon after patient encounter
All functions of the EHR should be used, such as ePrescription, messaging, email
Alerts should not be turned off as they point out errors or omissions
A plan for training new employees and retraining the existing employees
A plan for frequent communication with the users on how to achieve maximum benefit through the judicious use of EHR to achieve organizational goals and address their concerns, if any.
A plan to Designate Tech Savvy super users for timely assistance of other users
A (hypothetical) link to Online Resources Provided by EHR Vendor.
A (hypothetical) link to 24/7 contact for the Tech Support.
You can choose to develop this assignment as MS Word document (APA formatted 2-4 pages excluding Cover and Reference pages).


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