Operations Management

Project – Phase 1

OM (Operations Management) Practical Project Problems- are applications of OM principles and theories, often using specific OM tools applied to real world OM activities. The Final Project collects all 4 into an electronic portfolio including Summary and Statement of Learning.

Practical Operations Management Problems Guide: How to and Examples of each Tool in use are in Handouts.

Operations Management

OM Practical Problem I

 Systems Diagram of the Organization’s (the one you picked) Operations Management Process. Pick an organization that you know well.

Identify: Name of Organization: MIAMI DADE COLLEGE

Sub SystemInputProcess“Black Box’StorageOutput

Note re Definitions commonly used in Operations Management (OM):

WIP-Work in Progress: an unfinished product or service. An Incomplete Grade in Academia would be an example of WIP.

LOA- Leave of Absence: In Academia this is also an unfinished service.

WD- Withdrawal-An interruption in the service cycle. All these terms are markers in the industry and monitored by the Federal and State Government.

Describe the elements of the system in detail:

  1. Input: Students are recruited etc.