What assumptions around the way technology and humans relate to each other are embedded in the movie/show?

According to the National Academy of Engineering, “Earth systems engineering is an emerging area of multidisciplinary study that takes a holistic view of natural and human system interactions to better understand complex systems. It seeks to develop methods and tools that enable technically sound and ethically wise decisions.” Key to Earth Systems Engineering and Management is the role of technology- how we shape our world through technology and how our world shapes us through technology. This theme of human-technology coupling is prevalent in many movies, TV shows, and books.

What assumptions around the way technology and humans relate to each other are embedded in the movie/show?

In this assignment, you will select a movie or TV show episode from the approved list (or get our approval if there is something else you want to watch), watch it thinking about our course concepts, and write an essay.   

One of Dr. Allenby’s favorite movies for capturing the role of technologies in a society is the 1999 film The Matrix (1999) (Links to an external site.). Additionally, past students have contributed to a list of movies and shows that align with some of our course concepts. 

Choose 1 film from Column A to complete the assignment, or choose 2 films from Column B to complete the assignment.

Also, I am providing a blanket content warning. Science fiction themes, plot points, and visuals often contain gore, cussing, violence of many types, racism, sexism, and other depressing issues which plague our society. If you would prefer not to view a more graphic option (totally okay!) please choose WALL-E. In-between options would be Black Panther or The Matrix. 

Black Mirror Season 3 Episode 6 Hated in the Nation (Netflix)Philip K Dick’s Electric Dreams Season 1 Episode 2 Autofac (Amazon Prime Video)
WALL-E (Disney+)  Philip K Dick’s Electric Dreams Season 1 Episode 6 Safe and Sound (Amazon Prime Video)
Black Panther (Disney+)Black Mirror Season 3 Episode 1 Nosedive (Netflix)
Advantageous (Netflix)Black Mirror Season Episode 4 San Junipero (Netflix)
The Matrix (Amazon Prime Video)The Twilight Zone Season 2 Episode 6 “8” (CBS All Access)

In your essay, please address one of the following two prompts:

    1. What assumptions around the way technology and humans relate to each other are embedded in the movie/show?Do you agree with them or not? Justify your answer. 
    1. Detail how media is used to present integrated visions of future technologies within a social, cultural, and economic context, using your selected movie/showas an example.

Please copy and paste the prompt at the top of your submission. This will not count toward the word count.

Grading Rubric:

Assessment CriteriaRequirementsPercentage
of Grade
Good Content
and Analysis:
Well researched and fully addresses selected writing prompt
Identifies selected writing prompt5
Topic Sentence2.5
Provides summary of movie/shows15
Addresses writing prompt15
Discussion of
ESEM Principles
Good Technical Compliance with RequirementsBetween 475 and 525 words with 1.5 line spacing10
Proper Grammar
and Spelling
1.5 Spacing5
Proper References:
*Credit only awarded if two references are used
2 ReferencesN/A*
In-text APA Citations5
APA Bibliography5