Marketing Plan Assignment


Marketing Plan Assignment. Complete the following components of your marketing plan. Please make sure to review all Marketing Plan documents in the Course Information folder prior to completing this assignment. 

Note: Marketing Plan is to be written based on a new, unique offering (product or service) that you think solves a need in the marketplace.

Marketing Plan Assignment

The Business Challenge

This section of the marketing plan is the second section (preceded by the executive summary, which summarizes the entire plan). The business challenge serves as the actual introduction to the plan. This is where you should describe the offering, explain the need for the offering and the goals you hope to accomplish.

The Market: Customers

In this section, you describe the customers you will be targeting with the offering. Go into as much detail as is required for your product. You’ll most likely be selling your product to a variety of specific consumer segments.


This assignment should be completed and submitted by 11:55 p.m. Eastern Time Zone on Tuesday. You may want to reread these sections from your readings and examples from other marketing plans to prepare for this assignment. Refer to the overall assignment and rubric as well. Each marketing plan submission should follow the formatting described in the assignment and rubric.