Is Climate Change a result of human activities?


As part of the English for Academic Purposes, Research and Study Skills course you are required to write an essay on the Topic of Climate Change. This assignment will help you to develop your skills in identifying good quality research, critical analysis, structured academic writing and appropriate use of the Harvard Referencing system.

Is Climate Change a result of human activities


  • To write an argument essay titled Is Climate Change a result of human activities?’ of approximately 1200 words (minimum 1000 words and maximum 1400 words)
  • To use academic sources to discuss and to support your arguments
  • To include Harvard Reference System (summary, citation, paraphrasing, in-text references and bibliography) of your research sources

As part of the module, you are required to submit a draft of your essay by 11.59pm on Sunday 4th July 2021 onto Canvas. Your draft essay will be reviewed by your lecturer and you will receive feedback. There will be an opportunity for you to have a tutorial to discuss your draft essay development.

It is then your responsibility to work on your draft essay and address any suggestions and comments given before handing in the final essay – by 11.59pm on Sunday 8th August 2021.


Your essay must be word processed, in Ariel font 12pt minimum with double line spacing. This format is important as it makes it much easier for us to read. Word count: approximately 1200 words (minimum 1000, maximum 1400).

Final hand in:

  • a digital copy of your essay emailed to:
  • a digital copy of your essay submitted to Turnitin via Canvas


                Unit: EAP, Research and Study Skills

LO1 to demonstrate skill and confidence in understanding, analysing and utilising information from a variety of written texts likely to occur in academic contexts.

LO2 to demonstrate skill and confidence in writing in academic contexts with emphasis on the essay to at least the standard required at their course level.

LO3 to use varied and accurate grammar and vocabulary as used in an academic setting to at least the standard required by their degree programme.

LO4 to demonstrate independent research skills to access, use and cite knowledge.

Recommended Reading List:

Cook, J., Nuccitelli, D., Green, S., Richardson, M., Winkler, B., Painting, R., Way, R., Jacobs, P. and Skuce, A. (2013). Quantifying the consensus on anthropogenic global warming in the scientific literature. Environ. Res. Lett., 8(2), p.024024.

IPCC, 2007: Summary for Policymakers. In: Climate Change 2007: The Physical Science Basis. Contribution of Working Group I to the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change [Solomon, S., D. Qin, M. Manning, Z. Chen, M. Marquis, K.B. Averyt, M.Tignor and H.L. Miller (eds.)]. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, United Kingdom and New York, NY, USA.

Soon, W. and Baliunas, S. (2003). Global warming. Physical Geography, 27(3), pp.448-455.

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Trenberth, K.E. (2018) Climate change caused by human activities is happening and it already has major consequences. In: Journal of Energy and Natural Resources Law. 36(4) pp.463-481.