One consideration is to identify a health services organization

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Thank you for sharing your research problem and supporting literature. Would your health services organization (HSO) be a clinic, hospital, or other care delivery system?

Also, access might be more aligned with public health than with the DHA program. Are there any problems in prescription medication organizations that might fit into one of the following categories?

Thank you for your questions. You will select your topic based on the literature and the program requirements. This is an iterative process so I am sure you will continue to refine your research both in this course and once you are assigned a committee. I hope this helps a bit.

One consideration is to identify a health services organization

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Thank you for your submission. 

The problem and the justification sources are not clear. We need 3 research problem justification sources that state the articles research discovered an HSO problem. In this case what organization are you studying and what problem is resulting? Currently this reads like you want to study a topic and not solve an organizational problem, which is applied professional practice.

You can also locate a video outlining what is needed here:

 Would you please take a look at the instructions for the citations and format them accordingly. 

Example (can also be found here: Supporting Literature)

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Include the complete, APA citation and (a) an in-text citation; (b) what they studied; (c) what they found; and (d) why this is important in relation to your study. This evidence provides the justification for your research problem.

William, C. & Looker, H. (2020). The influence of frontline manager job stress on burnout, commitment, and turnover intention: A cross-sectional study. International Journal of Nursing Studies, 49, 1800-1833.

(a) William and Looker (2020); (b) studied the relationship between nurse manager job strain, burnout, lower organizational commitment, and higher turnover intention; (c) they found that nurse leaders have a high turnover rate due to  job strain and burnout; (d) this in important in relation to my study because establishes direct relationship between an operational problem and conditions influencing the problem.

Also, a health services organization will need to be identified. For example, a nursing home, hospital, or clinic.

Once you resubmit, I will take a look and update your grade accordingly. Please let me know if you have questions.

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One consideration is to identify a health services organization. For example, a specific long-term care organization, hospital, clinic or other organization. Then you will want to identify what influences healthcare costs- at least two independent variables.

You will also be using secondary data and conducting quantitative research. Please take a look at the following resource 9.2 Datasets 7.6.20.docx to help you start thinking about quantitative research.

Please identify one dependent variable and two independent variables and resubmit the research plan (this form). I will update your grade once you resubmit.

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