Is Preschool Education Worth It?

Unit 2-Is Preschool Education worth it? This read and reflection project will allow you to read 2 articles about Preschool.  This is a conversation that is always evolving as policy makers debate the importance of early education and the consequent funding of early education.  The learning outcomes for this project are

Is Preschool Education Worth It?

  1. Determine the benefits, such as gains in language, reading, and math skills, as well as the detriments of preschool education like questionable long-term benefits of universal preschool because experts question ensuring quality in such programs.
  2. Understand cultural, socioeconomic, and family dynamic factors that may play into the decision of preschool education for a child.
  3. Recognize personal or psychological characteristics that may inhibit a child from attending traditional preschool
  4. Discuss access to preschool in terms of geographical location and financial ability and understand the there is a huge variation in the type of preschool education available to young children
  5. Understand the requirements both of the parents of the child and of the faculty and staff at preschool and discuss how Head Start programs produced modest positive effects in the year years of children’s lives.

For this project, you will read 2 articles.

  1. Investing in our Future: The Evidence Base on Preschool Education download
  2. The Dubious Promise of Universal Preschool (Links to an external site.)

After reading both articles reflect and answer the following questions.  Be sure to support your answers.

  1. Identify the common ground in the two articles. Think about how they view the education of children and quality of care.  The question that both are attempting to answer is public education for preschool, just as we do for K-12.
  2. If preschool is required for public school admission, should the government be responsible for funding it? Where would the funding come from?
  3. How can we as a society ensure that all preschools offer high-quality education? What should learning outcomes for preschools look like?
  4. What do you make of some of the lack of long term outcomes in relation to programs like Head Start?