Hemoglobin A1c Between Maryland and Virginia

TOPIC: Comparing Average Annual Percent of Diabetic Medicare Enrollees Age 65-75 Years Having

Hemoglobin A1c Between Maryland and Virginia

I. Quantitative Analysis 

Step #3: Performing Quantitative data analysis design. This is very similar to Individual Assignments 1 and 2 (please look at the instructions for more details).

For this section:

3.1.  Select one of the class data sets

3.2. Identify relevant variables

3.3. Indicate the statistical method you used for your analysis

3.4. Identify the statistical software your team used to run the statistical analysis focusing on EXCEL or RStudio (BONUS points) as the main software (you can use any other software such as SAS, STATA or SPSS, but the master-code will be available only for RStudio) 

Hemoglobin A1c Between Maryland and Virginia

3.5. Analyze the data, state your conclusions and support them, this section should include:

3.5.1. Hypothesis or research questions with a short paragraph to discuss the issue.

3.5.2.  Research Method for this section first report the table of variables, then define the variables using the example provided in step-by-step instruction.

3.5.3.  Report the software and type of analysis you performed in this section including descriptive table and plots

3.5.4. Discuss your findings

3.5.5. Discussion: for this section, compare your finding with the LR (literature review) you performed in the first section

3.5.6. Recommendations: suggest a few policy recommendations based on your findings and LR.