How might Kolbert improve her rhetorical strategies

How might Kolbert improve her rhetorical strategies.

This is an assignment that discusses How might Kolbert improve her rhetorical strategies to address her audience. The paper also discusses using the Kolbert book.

How might Kolbert improve her rhetorical strategies

The Sixth Extinction, An Unnatural history by Elizabeth Kolbert (book) Chapter 1 (Golden Frogs of Panama)

I. Introduction:

A. Use your introduction to establish the rhetorical context and to provide a brief summary of the author’s argument. Remember your ideal audience is not familiar with the text, and so they need you to establish some pertinent facts before they can understand your rhetorical analysis.

B. Thesis Statement/Claim: Make sure your thesis answers these questions: How does the chapter you’ve selected attempt to persuade its audience? What is its overall rhetorical strategy? What is admirable or commendable in the text that you could imitate in your own academic writing? How might you use it in a later paper for either this class or another course that you are taking or are planning to take? Or, if you find the rhetorical strategies in the chapter problematic, what is problematic about them? Also, how might Kolbert improve her rhetorical strategies to address her audience?

II. Body:

Repeat A-C for as many body paragraphs as needed Although the terms we have introduced are important for understanding rhetoric, I am more interested in you demonstrating your understanding of these concepts rather than merely deploying the vocabulary. “Kolbert uses ethos” is a weak argument that doesn’t tell me you understand the concept nor does it tell me how he “uses” ethos. Rather it is better to say something like this: “Early on in the introduction, Kolbert develops her authority as a researcher in order to gain the trust of her audience by…” Rather than focusing your attention on a formula, work on crafting interesting, thoughtful, specific ideas.

How might Kolbert improve her rhetorical strategies to address her audience

Show your understanding of rhetoric by explaining the quality of the author’s persuasive techniques. You do not need to explicitly use terms like ethos, pathos, and logos. Topic sentence w/transition: What will this paragraph discuss?

A. Evidence/Examples:

Provide context for your argument summaries and paraphrases in your own words and sentence structure, as well as some brief, correctly integrated direct quotations.

B. Explanation/Commentary/Analysis:

Explain the example and how it has to do with the author persuading their audience of their thesis/claim. In other words, connect your evidence to your own thesis/claim.

C. Concession/Counter-claim & Rebuttal:

At least one paragraph must provide refutation for an opposing argument against at least one of the main points presented in the body. Often, this can be done within the body paragraph in which a controversial claim is made. III. Conclusion: Examine ideas presented in your essay. Your conclusion should avoid merely restating your thesis. Your conclusion should also answer the question “so what?” Why is what you have told you reader important?

How might Kolbert improve her rhetorical strategies

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