Analyze two contemporary topics field of gender and the law

This is a paper that is focusing on the student to analyze two contemporary topics field of gender and the law. The paper also provides additional guidelines to use in writing the assignment paper well and precise.

Analyze two contemporary topics field of gender and the law

Assignment Instructions
How has government treatment – at both the federal and/or provincial level – of COVID-19 reinforced and/or disrupted gendered inequalities that exist in Canadian law?

Assignment Purpose
Firstly, to explore and analyze two contemporary topics related to the field of gender and the law
Secondly, to combine academic and non-academic literature for an examination of contemporary events
Thirdly, to write two short argumentative essays on these specific topics and to demonstrate your knowledge of important concepts, frameworks, etc. discussed in this course

Analyze two contemporary topics field of gender and the law

For this assignment, you will be submitting a 4-6 page reflection paper for the question posited above.
You are to do the following:
Pick a specific topic in order to answer the question (e.g. for Paper #1 you could discuss the gendered nature of care work and how this has been highlighted/addressed and/or not addressed). These questions are quite broad and attempting to answer them “as is” could lead to a vague paper. Topics can be run by me if you want to make sure you’re on the right track.

Develop an argument/opinion that is supported by your research (this involves having a clearly stated thesis statement).

Use a minimum of six sources (3 academic and 3 non-academic). You can use texts from the syllabus but there has to be more non-syllabus texts than syllabus texts. Because both of these topics are happening in real time, there might not be as many academic materials written specifically on them. That being said, you can use academic work to help analyze/make sense of the non-academic sources that you’re using. So for example, if you were to do a paper on the gendered nature of care, there is a ton of literature on that, which you can then apply to your non-academic sources that talk about care during this pandemic. Non-academic sources can include, but are not a limit to, newspaper/magazine articles, blog posts, NGO reports, social media, etc. Make sure that all of the sources you use are relevant and fully referenced in your bibliography.

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