PMHNP Clinical Skills Self-Assessment


The Assignment

Use the PMHNP Clinical Skills Self-Assessment Form to complete the following:   

· Rate yourself according to your confidence level performing the skills identified on the Clinical Skills Self-Assessment Form.  

· Based on your ratings, summarize your strengths and opportunities for improvement.   

· Based on your self-assessment and theory of nursing practice, develop 3–4 measurable goals and objectives for this practicum experience. Include them on the designated area of the form.

To Prepare

· Review the resources and clinical skills in the PMHNP Clinical Skills List document. It is recommended that you print out this document to serve as a guide throughout your practicum. 

· Review the “Developing SMART Goals” resource on how to develop goals and objectives that follow the SMART framework.

· Review the resources on nursing competencies and nursing theory, and consider how these inform your practice.

· Download the Clinical Skills Self-Assessment Form to complete this Assignment.