Bad Physics in a Hollywood movie

Bad Physics in a Hollywood movie


1. Introduce your movie – what is the name of the movie, which year it came out, actors, director, genre – a drama, a triller, a sci-fi, a comedy, animation, and brief movie content.

2. Show a clip, series of pictures or any other visuals and explain what we are looking at. DO NOT yet explain what is wrong or impossible. Simply describe the scene(s) in as much details as possible. Direct attention to the most important. You can use up to 3 scenes from a movie if they have the same or similar concepts (the 3 clips cannot be longer than 3 min. TOTAL).

3. Here is the most important part – using Physics terminology, explain which Physics laws are broken, why what we looked at is wrong, impossible, ridiculous, and so on. Be very specific, use step by step calculations, detailed descriptions, explanations, research, and anything else to prove that Hollywood is out of touch with reality.

4. This part is a little flexible. You need to either explain what the scene would look like realistically, show how it was done or in any other way give the actual outcome of what was done unrealistically. If you are showing a clip here, it is part of the 3 total clips for a total of 3 min. In other words, if you already showed 3 clips in number 2, you cannot show another one here.

5. Engage the class. Ask questions, short survey, a game, your choice. Please refer to the rubric for more information.