Discussion Forum: Course Reflection


  • Understand the general nature, purposes, and techniques of literature with a sense of its relationship to life and culture.
  • Recognize a representative selection of literary works by major writers (including notable stylistic devices and features) representing a diversity of prominent historical and cultural traditions and issues.
  • Engage and respond to literary texts personally and creatively.
  • Think, write, and speak about literary texts critically and effectively.

Primary Post

Answer the following questions about your work in Introduction to Literature. All four answers should be posted as one reply. The total word count for all four answers should be a minimum of 200 words and at least one developed paragraph.

  • Discuss one text that caused you to think in a fresh way, either to re-evaluate a concept or idea or to think about something you hadn’t considered before.
  • Discuss one text that encouraged or inspired your faith. How?
  • Discuss one author from our course whose works you’d like to read more of. Why?
  • Discuss one text that allowed you a window into a culture different from your own. What did you learn?
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