Outline: Law, Religion, and Same Sex Marriages in the US

Outline: Law, Religion, and Same Sex Marriages in the US

  1. Background information
  2. Definition of same sex marriages: Unions between individuals who are of the same gender.
  3. Countries that preceded the US in legalizing same sex marriages.
  4. Thesis statement: The acceptance of same sex marriages in the US is the new normal (Battiston, 2014).
  5. Same Sex marriages and religion
  6. Religious establishments which oppose same-sex marriages, such as the Roman Catholic Church (Clarke, 2019).
  7. The liberal Christians who embrace gay marriages (Clarke, 2019; Murphy, 2005).
  8. Same sex marriages and the law
  9. The significance of the Goodridge v. Department of Public Health decision by the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts (Clarke, 2019; Reid, 2008).
  10. The significance of the 2015 US Supreme Court decision in Obergefell v. Hodges (Clarke, 2019)
  11. The future of same sex marriages
  12. The minor challenges which same-gender couples are facing to be ironed out as the legal framework continues to evolve (Humphreys, 2006).
  13. The acceptance will increase in the future
  14. Conclusion
  15. Re-stating the thesis statement.
  16. A recap of the main points

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