Psychology of Stress

Your total assignment should be 5-6 pages plus a title and reference page

All work must be typed, double-spaced, in APA style, and written in graduate level English. Using the text information thoroughly, respond to each question, in your own understanding. Outside sources may be used, but they should support and not replace the text information. Remember to cite your work in APA format

The text discusses the different brain responses to the perception of stress, and how this affects our memory.

Discuss an example from your own life that illustrates how perception can influence the brain’s response to stress, thoughts, behaviors and emotions.

Scientific studies address the chemical basis of communication between the mind and body and the consequential emotional, mental and physical suffering, as well as the healing process.

In consideration of the text discussion on the mind-body phenomenon of stress, illness and healing, discuss an example from your own life that illustrates this phenomenon.

Stress researcher Robert Epstein has identified a successful stress intervention model consisting of 4 skill competencies.

Think of a current or previous stressful event in your own life. In consideration of Epstein’s model, as well as self-efficacy and cognitive appraisal, how might the stressful situation you identified be successfully managed?

Both Intrapersonal and Interpersonal stressors contribute to our experience of life stress with regard to the arousal level and life-event level, of a stressful situation.

In consideration of nutrition, social support, locus of control and resiliency, discuss an example from your own life to illustrate intra and interpersonal stressors and their management. If applicable, include a discussion of how spirituality has been an asset in managing your stress.

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