Teams & Conflict Management

Please answer the 2 following questions and respond with at least 250 words each.
The ONLY source that can be used is attached. No other sources may be used.

(1)“One is too small a number to achieve greatness.” As much as we admire and marvel at perceived solo achievement, the truth is that no one individual has done anything of great value. Nothing of significance has ever been achieved by an individual acting alone. Think about these few events or persons:
Moon Launch – A huge team of NASA scientists and engineers were in support
Sheriff Wyatt Earp – was backed by two brothers and of course Doc Holliday
Charles Lindbergh – Had the backing of 9 businessmen from St. Louis
Even Albert Einstein didn’t work in a vacuum. Of the debt he owed to others for his work, he remarked, “Many times each day I realize how much my own outer and inner life is built upon the labors of my fellow men, both living and dead. . .” On his deathbed the great New York Yankee, Mickey Mantle, was asked how he wanted to be remembered. He, without hesitation, responded, “I want to be remembered not for any individual feat, but as a GREAT TEAM PLAYER.” Write an essay about teams and what they mean to you.

(2) As we discussed in class, managing conflict will be an essential tool for you to learn how to use because conflict, misunderstandings, confusion, anger, and a host of other negative feelings will be present in the workplace. According to your text, five conflict management approaches are discussed in an effort to prepare you for the challenges you will face. What are these approaches? How can they be used to confront the various situations you will find yourself in? For instance, when can they be used? Which approach do you find yourself using most often and why?

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