Important points of a scientific argument

Assignment Instructions: The first paragraph should articulate the research question being addressed, while the second paragraph should detail the results and conclusions drawn by the researchers and the third paragraph should provide a critique or evaluation of the strength of the argument the researchers are making. These critiques must be in your own words and should address important points of a scientific argument, such as, but not limited to, the appropriateness and falsifiability of the research questions, operationalization of concepts, appropriateness of research methods, the validity and reliability of the results, possible limitations or confounds of the study or the appropriateness of the researchers’ conclusions (should their conclusion be seen as believable?). This will be challenging and will accurately convey the comprehension of course concepts as well as provides yet another forum for your voices to be heard through your ideas and critiques. Late assignments will not be accepted, except for when a timely-documented medical emergency occurs.

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